When “Car Trip” Means “Car Sick” in Your Family, Trust Pediatrician-Recommended NAUZENE Kids for Prompt Relief. Gentle, Effective Nausea Relief from “Car Sickness”, Upset Stomach, and “Stomach Flu”.


Pediatrician-Recommended, Non-Drowsy Nausea Relief for Children 2 & Up

Traveling with kids can be hard; it’s even harder when they get motion sickness.

But the leading motion sickness remedy for children can make them very sleepy. It contains an antihistamine that can cause “marked drowsiness” in children. When your child is nauseous from “car sickness” or other motion sickness, upset stomach, or even the “stomach flu”, choose a medicine that can provide fast, effective relief without making them drowsy. NAUZENE Kids provides prompt, gentle non-drowsy nausea and upset stomach relief for your child – so you can give it to them any time of day.

NAUZENE Kids is the only children’s anti-nausea treatment specifically labeled for both “car sickness” and “stomach flu”. Even better, NAUZENE Kids lacks many of the artificial ingredients that can be found in most other children’s nausea remedies. And NAUZENE KIDS can be used by everyone in the family 2 & older (even Mom & Dad!).

Delicious natural grape flavor
No drugs that cause drowsiness
No artificial dyes, colors, or flavors
No aspirin or salicylates
No parabens or gluten ingredients

Drug Facts

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View Frequently Asked Questions about NAUZENE Kids

View Frequently Asked Questions

What are the active ingredients in NAUZENE Kids?

NAUZENE Kids contains the active ingredients Lactic Acid 3x and Wild Hops 3x.

What is NAUZENE Kids used for?

NAUZENE Kids is used for the relief of upset stomach and nausea, including that due to “stomach flu” or overindulgence in food and drink.

What is the dosage for NAUZENE Kids?

Children age 2 and older, and adults may take 1-2 tablespoons (15-30mL) of NAUZENE Kids per dose. Use only with the enclosed dosing cup. Dosage may be repeated after 30 minutes not to exceed 10 tablespoons in a 24 hour period unless advised by a doctor. Be sure to read all label Directions, Uses and Warnings and follow them carefully.

Can I take NAUZENE Kids with my prescription medication(s)?

You should ask your doctor or pharmacist if you can take NAUZENE Kids while you are using other medications.

Is it okay to use NAUZENE Kids if I am diabetic?

As stated on the product package labeling, you should ask a doctor before use if you have diabetes because this product contains sugar.

Is there anything in NAUZENE Kids of animal origin?

No, there is nothing in NAUZENE Kids that is of animal origin.

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A Parent's Guide to "Car Sickness"

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What is car sickness?
“Car sickness” is a type of motion sickness that is common in children ages 2-12.  It is unknown why some children are more affected than others.

What causes car sickness in children1,2?
Motion sickness occurs when the brain receives conflicting information from the inner ears, eyes and nerves in the extremities (hands, feet and joints). Under usual circumstances, all three areas respond to any motion. When the signals they receive and send are inconsistent—for example, if you read a book in the car, your inner ear and joints sense the motion of the car but your eyes don’t. The same thing can happen when a child is sitting so low in the backseat of a car that she cannot see outside. Her inner ear senses the motion, but her eyes and joints do not. The result might be nausea, an upset stomach, cold sweat, fatigue, and loss of appetite or vomiting.

How to prevent car sickness3,4:

  • Reduce sensory input. Encourage your child to look at things outside the car — rather than focusing on books, games or movies. If your child naps, traveling during nap time also might help. Also, avoid smoking or carrying any strong-smelling foods in the car.
  • Provide air ventilation. Adequate air ventilation might help prevent car sickness. Opening a window can do wonders with wind on the child’s face.
  • Offer distractions. If your child is prone to car sickness, try distracting him or her during car trips by talking, listening to music or singing songs. Try to play games that involve looking out the window (such as “I Spy”) to help the sensory inputs re-align.
  • Stop frequently, and at the first sign of symptoms.  One a child becomes carsick it can be difficult to settle their stomach. Giving children frequent chances to walk around in fresh air can help symptoms from progressing in the car.
  • Minimize eating before a car trip. Don't give your child spicy or greasy foods or a large meal immediately before or during car travel. If your travel time will be short, skip food entirely. If the trip will be long or your child needs to eat, give him or her a small, bland snack — such as dry crackers and a small drink — before it's time to go.

How to relieve the symptoms of car sickness5:

  • Stop the car as soon as possible. Let your child get out and walk around — or lie on his or her back for a few minutes with closed eyes.
  • Keep them cool. Placing a cool cloth on your child's forehead can help.
  • Give your child NAUZENE Kids. NAUZENE Kids is a gentle, effective over-the-counter remedy for nausea from upset stomach and “car sickness”– and won’t make your child drowsy.

If these tips don't seem to help or your child's car sickness makes travel difficult or impossible, ask your child's doctor about other options.

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